Monday, July 9, 2012

Diane Destiny July 2012 Featured Artist


Artists Statement / Visionary Poetry

Diane Destiny 

Visionary Poetry is a give and take process where the artist, Diane Destiny, creates the vision based on a poem written by Joyce Stein OR the artist creates the vision and the poet responds by writing a poem based on the art piece. The images are created on the computer, printed on canvas, presented on brushed aluminum and finished as an encaustic painting. Encaustic is an archaic medium that literally means “to burn.” My work is a contemporary expression executing the Ancient use of Pigmented Wax. The medium of encaustic is the master of layer after layer of intrigue resulting in multiple surprises.
Poetry makes the reader experience through the verse and its rhythm the thoughts and feelings of the poet. The words chosen are based on the poet’s reaction to the visual impact of the art piece. Words have their own color and shape and the artist reacts to them with her individual vision of their meaning.
The art piece and the poem are designed to complement each other. Each Painting is accompanied by an audio recording for the viewer to listen to the Poem while viewing the Painting.  Some viewers and readers may find their own interpretation of a specific combination and that adds even more to the viewing.


Diane Destiny received her MFA Degree from California State University, Los Angeles.  Since graduation she has taught at Mission College, CSU Northridge, Polytechnic, Pomona and CSU Los Angeles to name a few. 

She has had eight one-person exhibits, the last in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.  Ms. Destiny has also exhibited her work in competitive and invitational Annuals and group exhibitions far too many to list. 

She received the Annual Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper, Purchase Award, Brand Library Art Galleries and the Annual Westwood Art Association 1st place cash award.  In addition she has won other prizes and awards.  She was also awarded a Sculpture Commission for Southern Colorado State University, Pueblo, Colorado. 

Her work can be found in the following publications:  “Feminists Who Changed America 1963 – 1975”, The International Library of Photography, Priceless Treasures, 1999; “Visions Art Quarterly,” 1993/94; and Guide to Artists in Southern California Art Resource Publication, Cambridge Who’s Who, L. A. Rising So Cal Artists Before 1980 by Lyn Kienholz, Visionary Poetry self published.

Her work is in permanent collections at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC and the Brand Library, Glendale, CA


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