Thursday, September 1, 2011

Victoria Hibbs - September Featured Artist

Artist’s Bio:
Pasadena, CA girl moves to NYC, stays thirty years. Teaches math and science really well, becomes tri-state area private tutor of choice. In the middle of all that re-discovers yearning to make art and discovers the Art Students League. Studies there for several years with Peter Cox, Bruce Dorfman, Richard Pousette-Dart, William Scharf and Fredrick Wong. Bit of a teacher’s pet sometimes, sometimes not. Earns some awards. Family ties pull her back west and she is back in Pasadena. Hopes you like the art.

Artist’s Statement:
Painting equals a safe place for me in a world where I have never felt safe, even in my own skin. Read anything, see any movie, play or TV show, listen to any lyric – almost every time there is the seeking of safety or security. A few people seek danger, heroes seem fearless and take risks, but most of us need a safe place.

Making a safe place for myself has always required the matching of mismatched edges: mine with those of the world. I find myself bonding together broken fragments, trying to make some sort of new stronger whole structure out of things that were never meant to fit each other.

I think this is why I feel compelled to make the work as I do.