Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Artists - Janos K. Lanyi and Dorothy Shepherd

In the main room we have the vibrant photography of Janos K. Lanyi.

Artist Profile

As a pre-teen Janos spent all his time drawing and painting, but made the decision to abandon art and turn toward science, which also fascinated him.  He never touched the sketching pencil again, but neither did he stop looking at the world with an artist's eye.  Now, sixty hears later, he has begun to create photographic images, which reflect all he learned from his visual experiences.
Just as every block of marble contains a great sculpture and one need only to trim away the excess, the world is full of great images and the task of the photographer is only to keep an open eye.  He keeps trying to catch those magical moments when form and content come together.  When they do, then there are no questions, no doubts, and no ambiguity: the image is just right.

There is nothing subtle in his photography.  Color or black and white, it is intended to grab your attention, and to demand a "wow".  Being a scientist in his other life, he strives for technical perfection, but that is only the first stage.  the second is when the image connects with the viewer.  He connects best with people, so his subject always includes people or a hint that people are nearby.  the third stage of the "wow" is the soul-crashing impact that is rarely achieved, but once seen never forgotten.  A photograph like that can be a life's ambition.  You have to aim high.

Visit his website at http;//www.janosklanyi.com  

In the conference room we have the beautiful watercolor paintings of artist Dorothy Shepherd.

Artist Profile

Dorothy has been painting in the Chinese brush style of watercolors since 1996, with Chinese 
 Brush artist Nan Rae.  She particularly likes to pain animals, landscapes and flowers.  For the last two years, she has been studying with master Chinese calligrapher Tom Shantian Chow and is learning to paint some of the Chinese calligraphy characters in cursive style.  Many of the brush strokes used in her watercolors are also used in Chinese calligraphy.  By practicing both forms of brushwork she hopes to improve her painting.

Janos K Lanyi's artwork will be on exhibit through September 29th.

Dorothy Shepherd's artwork will be on exhibit through September 22nd.

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